Hey! I'm Dominique. I believe that music is fundamentally about connection - connection within and connection with others, connection through  music. So if any of my music, a little, a lot, even if its just a tiny bit, resonates with a piece of you, this is my inspiration to keep doing what i am most passionate about in life. Thank you in advance for being here with me through this journey. 

A little bit about me... i find my inspirations from various parts of my life, however a few incredible artists that i have followed closely, who inspire my works, include that of Sir Elton John, Coldplay and composer Olafur Arnalds.

I am currently working with multiple producers and writers on some upcoming releases including the likes of TV and film composer Gavin Luke, pianist, composer and songwriter Jeff Franzel and  recent top 10 album charter, singer, songwriter and producer, Billy Lockett. I also to spend some of my studio days writing songs for other artists and singers including The Voice Germany star Ben Dolic.

In my early life, I was always inspired by music especially that used in film, The Lion King being one of my favourites...i went to see a theatre show in London once... life changer. Taking a few singing lessons early on, I came to realise that piano was where i could connect to myself most at that time in my life, i struggled to voice my opinions i guess, or i felt uncomfortable with singing. So i continued piano lessons up to grade 6, but after some severe accounts of stage fright whilst playing some piano concert in school, I decided that performing was not for me, at least i thought it wasn't. I much preferred the act of writing my own songs in my own room for no one to hear (it gets better...). I used to occasionally play some to my dad (also a keen musician and songwriter who wrote songs for his band).  Now i have slowly but surely learnt to deal with this fear and love performing my songs for others to enjoy, you will be pleased to hear.


As some may not know, my first career path in life was not at all music, but in fact within the health and fitness sector, after studying Nutrition and Sport Science at St Mary's University, Twickenham. However following a period of sport injury (i love football) and diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome (ME) during my final year of study, I decided to give music a shot. During this time I also found inspiration from the successful singer songwriter Tom Speight who used to gig at the local restaurant I waitressed at (when i wasn't studying or writing songs about how sad i was about my studies and injured life).

Following graduation, I decided to follow my true desire for music and joined The Songwriting Academy  as a budding songwriter, too afraid to sing in front of a crowd... what could possibly go wrong? After collaborating on various music projects and hiring session singers to sing my songs, I slowly slowly found myself becoming more confident in my own voice. I was actually comfortable singing for once in my life (i was still petrified but you know what i mean...). I know its cliche to say, but i actually  'found my voice'.  I was finally able to express 'me'. I can't even explain to you how enlightening that felt. The best. Connecting and understanding all parts of you, that you never even knew were there... 



As my confidence grew and with the incredible support of some great friends,  I started to release my own artist projects with my own voice. Yes, scary I know! I took an independent trip to New York, collaborated with a bunch of writers and bagged myself a Sofar Sounds gig in Brooklyn! Now, 3 years down the line after joining The Songwriting Academy following multiple releases and a featured co-release with TV and film composer Gavin Luke, I am the most excited I have been in my whole life, to be doing what i truly love and was born on this Earth to do.


New, fresh vibes on the way very shortly. Other than that, thanks for reading and sticking around or joining the journey - I hope you can get something out of it. And one more thing, if people like me can do this, then you can most definitely do it. Everyone has a voice, everyone deserves to be heard, so i say, go get it. Don't let those deepest darkest fears tell you otherwise. 


Peace, love and harmony


Dominique x